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The Albert Heijn is 50 metres down the road; I advise dropping by the supermarket instead. And you don’t go have to there for the atmosphere: it’s great to get your food that quickly, but we could have just as easily left again after 20 minutes. Hardly a success, in other words.

The menu of Drank- en Spijslokaal Lust doesn’t bode well. Tapas with a very ‘Dutch’ twist. But then, which student would turn down ‘all you can eat’ in a Spanish setting? Which is why we took the bike underpass to the other side of the ring road, to visit an authentic corner of old-school Rotterdam, Kleiweg.

There’s nothing wrong with the interior, actually. Warm colours and wood panel finishes with a few poppies to spruce things up. The kitchen is decorated with tiles in all colours of the rainbow – you couldn’t get more Spanish than that. The service is good, we get some snacks on the house and in the kitchen, a young fellow – just over 18, by the look of him – is single-handedly manning both the dishes and the cooking range.

Which seems like a good skill to have at first glance. But eventually, it becomes clear he has bitten off more than he can chew. Because the food is rather disappointing. A boring salad, tough tenderloin steak and bland fried chunks that try to pass off as chicken. The most experimental dish on the menu – pear with Roquefort and walnut – is a train wreck. The calamari remind us of the rubber bands that our postman used to have dangling from his handlebars, and the fried aubergine could be confused with deep-fried banana pucks.

Is it all doom and gloom? Thankfully, no: the fries and the croquettes are fine. But we won’t be ordering Dutchified tapas again any time soon.