Allegations on TripAdvisor
“We eventually lost heart and told them that we no longer needed the main course. We ended up driving past KFC on the way home. All in all, a waste of money, and we personally wouldn’t recommend it to anyone!”

Let’s be honest: Het Wapen van Delfshaven could make a complete mess of things and still score a decent passing grade. Because any establishment along West Rotterdam’s historic harbour basin, which furthermore has outdoor seating for around 20 and offers a fine view of centuries-old barges, paddling geese, the Pilgrim Fathers’ Church and the historic facades, already has a solid 10-0 lead. In addition, our visit to Delfshaven coincides with the first summer day of the year. So there’s no reason to grumble so far.

And after our lunch, we still don’t understand why this establishment gets up so many noses. Of course, our beef tenderloin salad is far from the Best Salad Ever, with its excess of lettuce, forlorn strips of tenderloin and an equally disappointing lack of interesting flavours. And of course, the bread that accompanies the (incidentally very generous) uitsmijter (a typical Dutch fried eggs and ham sandwich) isn’t even fit for the geese that glide past our table. Furthermore, one look at the interior, with its fruit machines and peeling paint, makes you want to tell the owner that the 90s want their vibe back.

But we see no reason to really gripe about the food or the service. Because when you’re laying out less than 10 euro, you can’t really fault the generous helping of pine nuts, dressing, cherry tomatoes and Parmesan cheese. The uitsmijter with ham and cheese is also definitely worth what you pay for it. On top of which, the service is great – even though many reviewers claim otherwise. Both the friendly lady owner and the young girl who brings our orders keep an eye on their customers, approach you as required and don’t pull any funny stuff. The KFC therefore has to do without us.