Rotterdam, 26-04-2017EMportret MelissaFoto: Ronald van den Heerik

Degree course “After secondary school I opted for a degree in Business Administration because I really enjoyed the management and organisation, economics and mathematics subjects. I will take a Master’s degree in accounting & financial management, and after that, I’ll work in accountancy. My studies are important, because they provide me with some structure in my life. But of course, the most important thing in my life is my family. That goes without saying.”

Fashion “My dressing style is nearly impossible to describe, haha! It’s a mixture of feminine, trendy, exotic, classy and bold at the same time. I do like wearing high heels – they are the perfect finishing touch. I regularly buy clothes, but I am also given a lot of them. My relatives in France own clothes and shoe shops. So whenever I’m there, I’ll bring the nicest trendy items from Paris.”

Background “My parents were the first and only people in my immediate family who came to the Netherlands. They thought their enterprises would be successful here. Relatives later left for France and Italy, also to be entrepreneurs. I myself live in Rotterdam during the week, but spend my weekends with my parents in Almere. Most days I will cook for myself, but when I’ve had a long day of lectures, I will get some take-away every once in a while. There are many restaurants in the street where I live, so that’s easy.”

Traveling “I like to go shopping and having lunch and dinner somewhere with my friends. And I love travelling. Last month, I visited Budapest and Prague. In summer, I tend to go to countries outside Europe, such as Thailand. I’ve been to China many times, generally to visit relatives, but also to travel. It’s a huge country, and so beautiful.”


Favourite thing

Bracelet “I got the bracelet from my nana. I think it is super beautiful. It goes with everything. Moreover, my grandmother is the best nan I could ever hope to have. She’s always there for me and would do anything for me.”