The Erasmus Charity Run, which was held last Sunday, raised €16,171. Over 500 EUR students and staff members ran either a complete or quarter marathon at the Rotterdam Marathon to collect this amount of money. The Executive Board announced on Thursday that it would add €15,000 to the sum raised, thus bringing the total to €31,171.

The funds will be donated to the Erasmus Scholarship Fund, an organisation that awards €18,000 grants to students who require some financial support in order to be able to attend the university. The funds raised by the EUR students and employees will be able to fund two extra scholarships.

Slightly higher amount from Executive Board

The Erasmus Charity Run is an annual event that coincides with the Rotterdam Marathon. In 2016 the Charity Run raised a slightly lower amount – to wit, €29,846. Last year the students and staff members collected €16,846 between them, which was a little more than this year. However, the Executive Board’s contribution was a little less generous at the time: €13,000.