While the first customers are already leaving with their finds, lots of people are still shopping for second hand treasures in the Erasmus Pavilion. The Pavilion clothing swap has only been going for half an hour, but it’s already busy.

There’s only one of each garment, so first come, first served. Last Saturday, The Pavilion clothing swap was held in Erasmus Pavilion. The concept is simple: hand in your old clothes, receive points and then exchange those points for clothes brought by other participants. What do students think about this new concept?

Anna Nesterenko (19), student International Bachelor Arts and Culture Studies

clothing swap foto aysha gasanova
Anna Nesterenko Image credit: Aysha Gasanova

“I was already familiar with the concept of a clothing swap. In our faculty, we often organise clothes swaps, but then among friends and not as official as this one. I hope that it’ll become even more popular because wearing second hand clothes is much better for the environment than buying new clothes. That’s why I only wear vintage and second hand clothes. My favourite find today are these shoes. I’ve been looking for something like these for ages, so when I saw them here, I was delighted!”

Tessa Razafindrakoto (20), student Psychology

clothing swap 3 foto aysha gasanova
Tessa Razafindrakoto Image credit: Aysha Gasanova

“I sometimes buy clothes from second hand shops, but I’d never heard of a clothing swap. So it’s a completely new idea for me, but I like it. I’ve got loads of clothes in my wardrobe which I’ve got bored with after just wearing them once, so it’s a good idea to be able to swap them for new things. My favourite find today is this army green crop top. It’s simple but nice for the summer.”

Yulia Berezka (22), student International Bachelor Economics and Business

clothing swap 2 foto aysha gasanova
Yulia Berezka Image credit: Aysha Gasanova

“Initially, I was a bit worried that not many people would come, but it’s been busy from the start. I’ve brought in all kinds of things: jackets, T shirts, skirts and more. I’d got quite a lot of clothes that I didn’t wear any more and I thought it was an interesting idea to come and swap them rather than throwing them way. My best swap is this black dress that I found; it’s perfect for the summer.”