Pretty nice, gay bars. And De Unie turns out to be a good place to have some fun. Jody Bernal provides a high point for many.

At De Unie’s entrance, located on the Mauritsweg almost directly opposite De Regenboog, there’s an almost kindly bouncer. After collecting the entrance fee of ten euros – Jody won’t come all the way from Spain for less – he stamps visitors’ hands. The way he does this is remarkably gentle, taking the greatest possible care. The only thing missing is perhaps a kiss.

This place is more decadent than De Regenboog, where a large disco glitter ball hangs overhead and Backstreet Boys hits are blasted every fifteen minutes. De Unie also starts to fill up much later. It’s already two in the morning before both halls are full, coinciding with the closing of De Regenboog. Your reviewer now knows this is the correct order.

De Unie 1
Wearing no clothing at all is also encouraged at De Unie.


The dark chap at the bar is conspicuous. His upper body is bare, but he doesn’t seem to care. In fact, it turns out he’s tonight’s act. Early in the morning he switches from the bar to the shower placed a little farther on. Shower? Yes, a shower. And he does take a shower. It’s just that he goes about it differently than your reviewer – who doesn’t spend half an hour soaping up and swinging his penis about – when he showers.
At least that’s what I’m told. Your reviewer doesn’t see the dark chap take a shower this night. He does run into him, wearing nothing more than a pair of red stockings and some belts around his chest, as he dances. Time to quickly move on.

Jody Bernal

De Unie 8
Jody Bernal, who became famous in The Netherlands in 2000, with his almost Noble Prize for literature winning pop song called ‘Que sí, que no’.

…because just further up, Jody awaits. He’s been working in the cloakroom until 2:00 and now longs for a bigger audience. Karin Bloemen will show up later too. For ten euros you really get your money’s worth.

And for a few more euros you can also buy a funky tiger outfit. Or a pair of open-backed boxer shorts. It’s all in the display case in the hallway where the toilets are located.

There’s no interest in these items tonight, however, and this comes as a relief on this entertaining evening.

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