Jeffrey is mad about parties, Esmeralda is always looking for unusual happenings and Manon loves culture. Every two weeks, they give you the best tips for a great day or evening out in Rotterdam.


Esmeralda’s tip: De Geheime Wintertuin [The Secret Winter Garden]

Are you fed up with the cold, rain and wet snow as well? I know I am. Unfortunately, when I checked my bank balance recently, I realised that a holiday in the sun was probably unlikely. However, I can still go on holiday in my own city. So it’s off to the Geheime Wintertuin. This is a tropical oasis in the centre of Rotterdam, filled with warming cocktails, hot chocolate and glühwein as well as delicious snacks. Every weekend in February, the garden pops up in a different place, so watch posts on Facebook for the venue. I’ve managed to find out that the 17 February edition will be held in the Performance Bar, from 7.00 p.m. But don’t tell anyone!

Friday 17 February // The Performance Bar // free admission


Manon’s tip: Watskeburt?!

On 17, 18 and 19 February, the musical Watskeburt?! is playing in Nieuwe Luxor Theater, featuring the language, humour and music of De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig. Now I must be honest and say that I’m not terribly keen on music or musicals in Dutch, but if De Jeugd does something, I’m there. Like many students, I grew up with tracks like Watskeburt?!, Shenkie and Hollereer and I never really stopped listening. So as a fan, I was secretly quite honoured when they brought out their album Manon. Anyway, back to the musical. What exactly can you expect? Exactly what you don’t expect! According to De Jeugd themselves, it will be a crazy theatre trip in which Vjèze Fur, Willie Wartaal, Faberyayo and Bas Bron come to life in a puppet show. Together with Manon, they set out on an adventure, coming across all the hits on the way, of course. Tickets are available from 17.50 euros and the good news is that there are still seats for all three dates!

From Friday 17 to Sunday 19 February // Nieuwe Luxor Theater // 17.50 euros

Image credit: Balder Westein

Jeffrey’s tip: Strafwerk Rotterdam

Annabel, Rotterdam’s main cultural stage with what I feel is an incredibly attractive name, opened with the following thought: “See Annabel as a mischievous girl who wants to be embraced very fast by Rotterdam”. Well, she has certainly been embraced and on Friday 24 February the club is organising another great party for you. This is when Annabel will be officially renamed Strafwerk Rotterdam for the second time. Despite the venue’s huge capacity of 1,500 people, at the end of February it will again be bursting at the seams. For 22.50 euros, expect the highest level with deep bass lines, funky melodies and hypnotising vocals. If you’re not yet convinced and want a taster of how it went during the first edition, see the video below.

Friday 24 February // Annabel // 22.50 euros.