Klara Otte, dit ben ik

Style: “I don’t particularly like wearing black. I believe there are enough sad moments in life, so I don’t want to accentuate them by wearing that colour. Shopping sprees are not something I do. I buy my clothes second hand or I sew them myself. Out of an entire outfit, shoes are the most important piece. From them I sort of understand the character and attitude of that person. Something that I always include in my outfits are head pieces, whether it is a scarf, a bandana or a hat.”

Social media: “I think social media are more about the image than the person. On Instagram, people snap a shot and hashtag it “outfit of the day”. Yet I know that some of them just put on special clothes to take those snaps. For this reason, I started my version of “outfit of the day” on my Instagram. I snap every day, even if I am in my PJ’s or just sweat pants.”

Sewing clothes: “I learned how to sew during an apprenticeship for fashion and design for big retailers. At the moment I am really into making flared pants. I find that this is a way to break away from current fashion trends, such as skinny jeans. For me, fashion is not a means to an end, however I like to sew a few sentences on the back of my jackets. I think this allows people to escape from everyday life, even if it’s only for a little while.”

Weed Silver Ring: “This silver ring has a weed leaf as ornament and was given me by my grandma when I was twelve. Looking back, I doubt she knew what it meant. I never take it off and even have that little tan-line right where the ring sits. Throughout the years, I have stepped on the ring a couple of times deforming the shape, but I still keep it on my finger.”