A Cosmopolitan, Piña Colada, Margarita… When you browse a menu nowadays, there are so many delicious mixed drinks to choose from. And don’t get us started on those enticing colours. But which cocktail tastes the best? At EM, we have listed our top 5. This is one you should try at home, folks!

1. Bellini

Peach juice, prosecco and a dash of sugar syrup. That’s all you need to make the most delicious cocktail in the universe. Strain the peach juice, add a bit of sugar syrup (ideally half of what you’re adding in peach juice) and pour in the prosecco. Our tip: chill the peach juice in the fridge for a moment before mixing the cocktail. After which you can have a ball!

Sweetness: ****

Glass: champagne

Alcohol content: *

2. Jamaican Rum Punch

This delightful, sweet concoction is a serious contender for the crown spot. Mix lime, orange and pineapple juice with a smidge of grenadine for an explosion of fruity flavours. Add 50 millilitres of dark rum and shake it to perfection! But don’t forget the ice and cocktail umbrella for the finishing touch. Your health!

Sweetness: ****

Glass: hurricane

Alcohol content: * / **

3. Tropical Orange Breeze Cocktail

This taste bomb may be less of a household name, but it’s a truly divine drink nonetheless! What you need: 30 millilitres of orange vodka, 60 millilitres of pineapple juice and 120 millilitres of ginger ale. Once again, you could think about straining the pineapple juice, but it’s fantastic with the pulp left in as well. Gussy it up with a slice of lime et voilà! It’s definitely worth the effort!

Sweetness: */**

Glass: martini

Strength: ** / ***

4. Espresso martini

This cocktail is a must for all coffee aficionados, which is why it ranks 4th in our Best of the Best! However, it’s quite a difficult one to mix – because the fresher the espresso, the better the cocktail tastes! So the best place to sample this particular drink is at a cocktail bar! Mix 50 millilitres of espresso with 20 millilitres of vodka and 10 millilitres of sugar syrup with a few ice cubes. And there you go… There’s a risk of developing a coffee addiction, though!

Sweetness: **

Glass: martini

Alcohol content: ** / ***

5. Bramble

Those who enjoy a twist on an English classic could do worse than the Bramble! This delicious creation brings together 40 millilitres of dry gin, 20 millilitres of lime juice, 10 millilitres of sugar syrup and 15 millilitres of crème de mûre (‘…whatyousay?’ – ‘a blackberry liqueur’), topped off with fresh blackberries. Both the gin and the blackberry liqueur have hints of where the grain mash/fruit was allowed to mature, which adds a unique flavour to this recipe. Put a slice of melon on the rim and Bob’s your uncle!