Are you fed up with the daily grind at your parents’ place, but are you stuck there due to financial constraints? Don’t mope! EM has five great tips for you. Even if you don’t have your own digs, you can still feel part of the student scene.

1. Do the Introduction Week

We bet you’re thinking: “I grew up in Rotterdam – why would I bother?” Well, because the Introduction Week is a great launch pad for your life as a student! It takes you to places you didn’t even know existed, you meet tons of new people and you’ll see your hometown in a whole new light: as a student city. Meaning you’ll no longer associate it with your folks back home.

2. Join a student association

Sure, it’s your hometown, so you have no shortage of friends. But joining a student association opens a whole new world for you – one that has nothing to do with your parents’ place. Drinks, parties, bar nights – they’ll hardly see you back home! And another advantage: rules about when you need to be in are bound to die a quiet death. Because no parent looks forward to waiting up for someone who reeks of beer!

3. Try a new joint every week

Take a culinary or cultural tour of the city with your fellow students. Because there’s no way you could have tried out all the cafes, bars and eateries in your town! And the more people who come along, the more places you’ll discover. It’s interesting, fun and (usually) quite tasty too. Try a new cuisine every now and then, or visit that one pub you always pass on your way to uni. You’re guaranteed to have a great evening, and will probably discover sides to your city you weren’t even aware of.

4. Unleash your inner master chef

Of course, one of the main perks of living at home is those wonderful, healthy dishes your parents serve up every day. There’s no one who cooks the way they do! But every now and then, you don’t feel like eating what’s served. You’d like to decide for yourself. But don’t worry: why not agree to steal the scene one day per week (or more if you like)? Take matters into your own hands and make your own delicious dinners – student-style. Eat your heart out, Gordon Ramsay.

5. Get your parents to leave the house every now and then

Are you dreaming about legendary house parties, with the clinking of beer bottles and tremendous fun had by all? Well, why wouldn’t you! Simply book a weekend in Paris for your folks and start getting the invites out. They’re happy with a few days away from it all, and you can look forward to a great get-together. A shining example of a win-win arrangement! Just be sure to get everything looking spick and span before they get back.