There are times when you want to satisfy your intellectual needs, but really don’t feel like cycling to your lecture. Erasmus University Rotterdam has a solution. Several faculties are developing apps, online lectures and platforms to provide every support.

Read here what digital options you can already use and/or can expect.


#1 Clinical Challenge

The Clinical Challenge app allows medical students to practise interpreting physical examinations, focusing on heart and lung sounds.

The app contains 30 cases at various levels. The number of correct answers and how quickly you answer them determine your score. You can then compare it with those of your fellow students.

The app is only accessible with a EUR e-mail address and is currently only available on Android.

#2 Deception Detox

Vera Schölmerich and Kelly Liket have a mission: to save the world using statistics. Their plan is to introduce online lectures called Deception Detox – How solid science can help you to save the world.

Based on global problems like poverty and climate change, academics teach you for example how to recognise BS (bad science) in the media, which determine which social programmes work and which don’t.

The lectures can be followed via Coursera and start on 7 October.

#3 EUR game app

Is Econometrics really the most difficult study programme and what is the easiest programme? You can soon find out using the EUR game app. Based on multiple choice questions, you can use the app to do practice tests from your own programme and even check whether the grass is greener elsewhere. It also enables you to ‘compete’ with other students.

The app will be coming soon.


#4 Pluralism in economics

There’s more to economics than Keynesian theory. Irene van Staveren explains other theories during her online lecture Pluralism in economics.

The lecture will soon be available via Coursera.

#5 Better prepared online

We need doctors outside the Netherlands too. In order to help medical students prepare for an international internship, Jan Nouwen Better invented Better prepared online, a platform including e-learning modules, as well as videos and stories about the experiences of students abroad.

The platform should go live in spring 2017.