Style. “My style very much depends on my mood. However, I usually favour casual clothing. Pieces that aren’t too flamboyant, in cool and warm tones. But when I go out in the evening, that’s a different story. I love the process of dressing up, putting on makeup, etc. It’s almost something artistic to me. I find clothes a way to express myself. Most importantly, I dress for myself and not to please anyone else. The same applies to my hair, although the blue colour was actually an accident.”

Feminism. “I’ve always been a feminist. In fact, the strong and independent Mulan was always my favourite character when I was growing up. I look up to my Mum as well. She’s a strong woman and she never depended on my Dad for anything. I have a deep interest in the subject of female empowerment in Third World countries.”

Poetry. “I have a passion for literature and poetry, and I write the latter as a hobby. Warsan Shire, a Somalian poet, and Clementine van Radics, who has become famous through Tumblr, are my major influencers as well as favourite poets. The first one explores topics such as refugees and the dichotomy between males and females. However, I don’t find poetry a means to bring social awareness. I believe this would take away from the poetry itself.”

Golden Rings. “The two golden rings I am wearing belonged to my late grandparents who passed away two years ago. These are their wedding rings and I wear them to keep their memory with me. I feel a special bond with my grandmother. She also wrote poetry and I was lucky enough to read her diaries and discover this connection between us.”