Just like on 1 January, you’re always full of resolutions for the coming academic year. These students talk about their goals. Are yours the same?

#1 Start studying earlier

You look in your diary and you realise that you suddenly have an examination tomorrow. Business Administration student Floris Grootenboer (20): “In a block I usually take the first two months as ‘holiday’ and suddenly have to work incredibly hard in the last month prior to the examinations. Because I’ve not done anything for so long, it’s really hard to get started and I get low marks. I wouldn’t have this problem if I were to do a few hours a day from the start of the block. That would give my average a boost, and I need that for the master degree at the RSM. From 2017 the faculty will only admit students who score at least a 7 on average for their bachelor degree.”

#2 Eating more healthily

Noah Yachou (22) won’t be eating those high-fat foods from September. “I want to eat more healthily. I’d have more energy then and would be able to concentrate better”, said the law student. “So I’m going to start eating more vegetables and follow a vegetarian diet. Your body actually doesn’t process meat that well. I’m also doing it for reasons of principle. I absolutely hate the meat industry and the way companies treat animals.”

#3 Take fewer breaks

It’s great if you start on time, but if you don’t study efficiently, it’s hard to get good marks. That’s why Brian van Steenoven (21) is going to take fewer breaks. “I usually stop after half an hour of studying and start looking at my smartphone. It makes me lose concentration sooner and it takes me longer to finish studying”, said the Economy and Business Economics student. Patrick van Oevelen (20) is following Law and Economy and also wants to save time. “I don’t want to focus on useless facts that I read through thirty times and that don’t actually come up in the examination. That wastes a lot of my time.”

#4 Do more exercise

Econometrics student Helga Koo (22) used to swim regularly. “But these days I’m so busy with examinations that I don’t exercise at all. I’m going to change that. When I’m exercising I don’t actually think about studying.”

#5 Make more time for friends

When you’re really busy you sometimes neglect your social life. That’s why Rasim Kazimov (18) wants to make more time for friends. “Because I study so much I hardly speak to my friends anymore”, said the International Business Administration student. “Next year, I’ll make sure I keep evenings free for them, however much studying I have to do. We can then go out more and I’ll also meet new people.”