Are you a student with holes in your pockets? Then you’d better use these five tips to make sure you have cash left over.

#1 Keep your money separate

It’s sensible to set money aside. Business Administration student Floris Grootenboer (20): “I often tend to order loads of A brands as soon as I’ve received a big amount and then the money’s gone in no time. That’s why it’s better to put your money in a separate account. Then you switch, say, 100 euros per week from your savings account to your current account. And you then need to make sure you get by on that amount. This will prevent you from spending too much.”

#2 Book your holiday well in advance

Business Information Management student Amogh Jain (22) gives a decisive answer to the question about how to save money during the holiday: “Don’t book your holiday three days in advance. It’s best to do it at least a month in advance so that it costs less. Also make sure that you go on holiday with a number of people so you can share the accommodation costs.”

#3 Become a volunteer at festivals

Do you feel like partying but don’t want to spend too much money? According to Victoria Heinsohn, 30-year-old Pedagogical Sciences student, the best thing to do is work as a volunteer at a festival. “Then you can still walk around the festival grounds and listen to the music, but you don’t need to pay the entry fee.”

#4 Sell your junk

As well as saving money, the summer holiday is the best time to earn money. Monique Lozeman (22) is studying Marketing Management and sells some of her stuff in the summer. “I always clear out my room in that period and sell my junk on Marktplaats. It’s certainly something for women to do because they always have lots of shoes and clothes going spare.”

#5 Find a catering job

The best holiday jobs are in catering. “Cafés always need lots of staff during the summer. You also get the biggest tips there”, explained International Business Administration student Justus Speis (20). “I’d specifically advise students to work at an ice cream parlour in the summer, because ice cream is so popular then. You can earn quite a lot there.”