Most students just need to finish a few things off and then it’s time for the summer holidays. Finally, time to empty your heads after a busy academic year. There are so many places to choose from. Still undecided? These students talk about their favourite destinations.

#1 Berlin

Berlin is the place to be for Sociology student Ouahiba Zahouani (21). “You can’t compare other cities to Berlin. There’s so much cultural creativity everywhere. Just look at the streets with their beautiful graffiti and stunning buildings. I think the Jewish museum is really special from the outside. It’s shaped like a bolt of lightning and looks like a rearranged Star of David. The clubs are a kind of Alice in Wonderland, with their wonderful variety of people in colourful clothing.” Rianne Super (21) thinks this is great too. She’s studying Public Administration and is following the bachelor degree for Communication and Media (IBCoM). “There’s such a casual atmosphere in Berlin clubs. In comparison to the Netherlands people pay much less attention to you. If you’re there with your girlfriends you can really go wild and do crazy dances.”

#2 Rio de Janeiro

The Olympic Games are taking place in Rio de Janeiro this summer. But there are loads of other reasons why you should really visit this city. “Everything’s perfect there: the beaches, the chicks, the cocktails”, explained Ernesto Barreto (19). He is studying Business Economics and Economics. “Rio is a wonderfully hot place, full of sunshine. When I’m there I usually go to the Barra da Tijuca district, because that’s where the best beaches, lakes and rivers are.”

#3 Rome

Business Administration student Rosanne Heeren (20) loves Italy. “I love the weather, the culture and the cuisine. And this is perfect in Rome. A visit to the Colosseum in this city is an absolute must. You can really see clearly how people used to live.”

#4 Istanbul

Yunus Palit (22) is studying law, and is originally from Turkey. “It’s always great to visit family in Turkey. The people there are so hospitable and just open up their homes to you. The Aya Sophia is really worth a visit in the city itself. It was once a church, then a mosque and now a museum. It clearly shows the heritage of the Ottoman Empire.”

#5 Boston

Jesper Jensen (21) likes to go American. “Boston is a truly historic city”, explained the International Business Administration and Philosophy student. “Thankfully it’s not as big as New York, so it’s less busy. The city makes me think about the American War of Independence. You’re suddenly in the port where the Boston Tea Party took place 250 years ago. During that event, the Americans threw the tea from the English motherland into the water, by way of protest. It really gives me a sense of history.”