In the summer holidays student life is not always rosy. On reflection, it seems that life on campus isn’t that bad. What will you miss about student life?

#1 Chilling with co-students

Many students like to chill with co-students. Economy and Law student David Wernsing (19): “It’s always so relaxed on campus eating and drinking with co-students. When you’re on campus there’s a big chance that you’ll meet someone you know and can have a chat with. Once you’re on holiday that’s gone, although you can of course always arrange to meet friends.”

#2 The freedom of studying

In the holidays Economy and Business Economics student Dorien Bakker (24) longs for the freedom she has as student. “In the summer holidays I work a lot and then after a few weeks I’m longing for student life. When you’re working you’re always dependent on your boss’s schedule. As a student you’re much freer to work on your assignments when it suits you.”

#3 A fixed routine

Eat, sleep, study, repeat. On the other hand International Business Administration student Cherry Zhao (27) misses the daily routine of university. “I sometimes get bored after just a few days during the holidays. During the academic year I’m always busy and I’m always involved in lectures, assignments and examinations. I live according to a fixed routine and that’s suddenly gone when I’m on holiday.”

#4 The great student parties

Most student parties take place during the academic year. “I always like to go to parties of Rotterdam School of Management associations,” explained Joana Gonçalves (22). She is a Strategic Management student. You do feel a certain connection with other members of the same faculty. There are lots of people around that you know, so you can always find someone different to talk to and party with.”

#5 Great food

If you’re no longer on campus during the holidays, there’s less reason to eat and drink on campus. And Business Administration student Taro den Dekker (22) doesn’t like that. “At Erasmus Sport they sell really delicious tuna rolls. I enjoy these so much together with a cup of coffee. And it’s also a really social canteen where we all watch football together. I don’t go there during the holidays because of the long journey time, and that’s a pity.”