The life of a student is not always easy. For them, the summer holiday means an end to a long academic year. Time to look back at it. What aspects of student life will students not miss at all?

#1 Looking for a place in the Polak Building

Students have been annoyed for quite some time by the limited number of study places in the Polak Building. This is therefore a problem they can certainly do without. “It is often the case that all study places are taken if you want to go to the Polak Building at 10 am”, says Marketing and Management student Stefan Schouwaert (25). “In such cases, you are actually better off going home or finding a place in the city. It is very annoying and does not motivate you to start studying.”

#2 The stress of studying

Many EUR students have also complained about the stress created by studying and are happy that the holidays have come to relieve them. One of them is Business Administration student Florentin Ngabitsinze (25). “I had to follow no less than six courses during the past trimester. I was also working sixteen hours a week and, what is more, your friends expect you to keep in touch with them on a regular basis. What causes most stress for me are all of those deadlines for assignments, presentations and examinations. This means that everything you still need to do stays on your mind all the time.”

#3 Depression following a failed examination

Business Administration student Soufien Hasnaoui (19) sighs deeply. “What will I not be missing about student life? The negative feelings after having messed up an examination. I can be quite moody after I have messed up an examination and I mainly wonder where things went wrong. I started too late, for example.”

#4 The bad Dutch weather

The bad Dutch weather is another aspect of student life that the students will not be missing. Some students will travel abroad to temporarily escape the Dutch climate during the summer holidays. Portuguese student Strategic Management Joana Gonçalves (22): “The weather in the Netherlands is often bad with a lot of rain and wind. I quickly travel to Portugal where the weather is much better when I do not have to study during the holidays.”

#5 Getting up early

Law student Yillis Smit (21) often has trouble getting up early for lectures and tutorials. “Usually, I have to get up at seven in the morning and I am still very sleepy. This continues to bother me throughout the day”, she explains. “I will sleep in for a long time, at least until noon, when the holidays arrive. I cannot wait for it.”