3. Essential figure for academic ceremonies (6)

4. The association that invited Ban Ki-Moon on campus (3)

5. Department of Erasmus University, but in The Hague (3)

6. The student football club that became champions and won promotion to second class this year (11)

10. Two hundred of them stayed at Erasmus Sport for six days in September (8)

11. That day that all Dutch people wear weird orange things, in Dutch (10)

12. First name of EUR’s president of the Executive Board (7)

14. Most Dutch students receive this monthly allowance (5)

17. First name of the famous humanist after who the university and bridge are named (10)

18. They believe they’re the only ‘real’ fraternity in Rotterdam (3)

19. Name for the campus of the Erasmus MC (7)


1. This is what all research papers by European scientists should be in 2020 (4,6)

2. Traditional singing and drinking festivity typical for student associations (6)

3. Last name of the Dutch minister for higher education (10)

7. Late cuddle cat of Oude Plantage, in Dutch (8)

8. We all have headaches and a pretty campus because of this (11)

9. Is normal according to Erasmus University (7)

13. The Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship is one of the hotspots for this phase in creating your own company (7)

15. Short for the partnership between Leiden University, TU Delft and Erasmus University (3)

16. Yearly festival on campus to mark the new Academic Year (9)