Phone, keys, wallet. It’s probably your mantra leaving your house. Let’s face it, of those three things, your phone is likely the most precious to you. Can you use your keys or wallet to play Candy Crush, Clash of Clans or Respawnables? No. Exactly.

This summer EM will explore a few popular phone games. Today  Nora Fiskaa Ljostad and Jeffrey Vos will kick it off and talk about their favorite phone games.

Nora Fiskaa Ljostad (24) studies the Master of Arts, Culture and Society, Norwegian.

Candy Crush

“I admit to be addicted to Candy Crush. However, there are a few other games I play when I’m on my phone and these are cat games. Neko Atsume is one of those. Being a cat owner and buying them food is what the game’s all about. After a while I got bored of it though. This didn’t happen with Candy Crush which I’ve now been playing for two years, since the ‘Candy Crush hype’. The game amuses me because it requires automatic gestures and doesn’t imply a lot of thinking. I use it to pass time, mainly waiting for trams or buses, when I’m bored or procrastinating. Basically, any moment is good to play.”


Jeffrey Vos (21) studies the Premaster of Sociology, Dutch.

Telefoonspelletje – Jeffrey
Fall Out Shelter

“Fallout Shelter. That’s what I play on my phone. The concept stems from the popular Xbox game which carries the same name. The goal is to build a shelter as equipped as it can be. It’s easy to start a new session, but it’s also easy to close it. In fact, one session which roughly corresponds to a short term goal is quick and that’s what I like about it. I downloaded the game last year and I’ve played it ever since on and off. Usually I play when I am travelling or on the sofa after a long day. Playing is definitely a way to kill time and ease my mind.”