Phone, keys, wallet. It’s probably your mantra leaving your house. Let’s face it, of those three things, your phone is likely the most precious to you. Can you use your keys or wallet to play Candy Crush, Clash of Clans or Respawnables? No. Exactly.

This summer EM will explore a few popular phone games. Today Timo Bontenbal will conclude the series talking about his favorite phone game.

Timo Bontenbal (28) studies the Master of Marketing Management at RSM, Dutch

Telefoonspelletje – Timo

“I play Hearthstone which is a card game based on World of Warcraft world. The player can choose to play online against other players or offline. I mostly play offline against the CPU.  Originally, the game was for pc only, then they expended to mobiles. I play both, but lately I am enjoying the mobile version more. Playing is a way to pass time when I am travelling or before going to bed. What I like about it is that there is a storyline where you can advance, it can go quite deep which I really appreciate as a gamer.”