All the way from Erasmus MC, Roos Geensen decided to take a break from the ‘usual faces’ in her lab and came to Woudestein for a breath of fresh air. Roos is 23 and studies Medicine, she was born and raised in Rotterdam. Sporting a colorful sunglasses cord and white coat, she accepted to chat about her style.

“Black, white and grey, that is my style. I do take inspiration and ideas from Instagram, but there is no particular account that I favor. Shops’ collections reflect the latest trends in the fashion market, so, in a way, I guess I follow trends when I shop in a store. However, I am not a trend-follower, so to say. Most importantly, when I style my outfit, I make sure everything matches. To me, this gives an outfit that put together look. This ring and this watch are a staple in my outfit, but that is as far as I go with accessories. However, I do love to play around with sunglass cords which look like necklaces to me and I style them as such.”

Image credit: Ronald van den Heerik

“Since I was six years old I have played hockey. During my high school years, I performed at a high level, at 18 years old I decided to stop. The break lasted two years. One night, I had a sort of epiphany and realized how much I missed the sport, the next day I joined a team once again. At the moment, I am playing with Victoria Hockey Club, my team is very competitive and we are going to be crowned champions this year. Playing at high level is a closed chapter of my life though, not really because of my studies, but more because I felt that it was time for me to move on.”
“My family is a ‘medicine-oriented’ one, both my parents work in the medical field. Inevitably, I got attracted to the subject. In high school, I was a ‘beta’ student which means I liked and excelled in subjects such as Math, Biology or Chemistry. How diseases originate and develop interested and still interests me very much. The entry test to enter Medicine wasn’t too difficult for me. I believe the high school education one has received plays a great role in how one approaches the test. In the future, I don’t see myself being a general practitioner, I would rather be a specialist in something. I have a few options that I am keeping open, but I have no idea yet.”