The festival season is well and truly underway, and of course we’re all having a great time making the most of it. Even so, all festival-goers have attended festivals thinking, “Oh shit, I wish I’d done so-and-so” or “Man, I wish I’d remembered to pack such-and-such.” Please find below some tips and tricks to prevent such situations once and for all!


Golden ticket
Image credit: Youtube

Once you and your friends have selected a cool festival to attend this summer, you’ll have to buy tickets. These can be pricey, especially for the larger festivals. In order to get your golden ticket at a somewhat affordable price, I recommend buying it at your earliest convenience.

Once you and your friends have secured your tickets, you may wish to create a festival group on WhatsApp, which will allow you to forward fun photos, videos and important information such as timetables in a jiffy. In addition, the app group will help you find your friends once you get to the festival grounds.

Finally, remember that your body will take a beating at the festival. Don’t underestimate the toll that more than eight hours’ worth of jumping around and rocking out will take on your body. Make sure you get plenty of sleep beforehand.

Ready to go

So you’ve waited for an eternity, and finally, the day of the festival has arrived. Before leaving home, be sure to carefully consider what to wear. One of my main tips is to check the weather forecast for the day of the festival. Few things are as changeable as the Dutch weather. Make sure your outfit is fully prepared for contingencies.

For now, let’s hope you get to bring sunglasses and a fan rather than a poncho and wellingtons. Once you arrive at the festival grounds, you will show your ticket (which you obviously didn’t leave on your desk!) and hear the first techno tunes wafting your way. A few hours later, the party will be in full swing and you’ll be having a grand old time of it. You’ll close your eyes for just a brief moment, and suddenly your friends will be gone. This happens to everyone at some point, so it’s a good idea to establish a meeting point beforehand, like Joris is doing in the photo ?

Image credit: Toffler festival

The day after

It’s the day after, and you’ll wake up with a tremendous headache, a dry mouth, a ringing in your ears and a huge inclination to stay in bed. However, at some point your need for food and drink will get the better of you, and you’ll have to get out of bed to satisfy these needs. So make sure there’s food in the house! You see, nothing is worse than having to walk to a supermarket on a Sunday morning while completely hung over.

Once you’ve recovered a bit, check whether you didn’t lose anything at the festival: your wallet (even though it may be empty by now), your keys, your mobile phone and, last but not least, your mind. Did everything make it home with you? Great. Time to start planning your next party, then!

Jeffrey Seij, 19, studies Public Administration at EUR, loves parties, festivals and the like. Over the next few months he will happily review and report on his party experiences, and will also provide monthly tips on the greatest parties thrown in Rotterdam.