It could have been all so wonderful. For the first time ever, the Erasmus basketball association Baros made it to the final of the amateur championship held in Zwolle. However, the women players from Rotterdam were no match for De Groene Uilen from Groningen and lost 72-81.

In the regular competition, Baros had already lost two of the three games against the team from Groningen. The Rotterdam team started the game badly and it was not long before they were far down in the game. After the first quarter, De Groene Uilen were 20-9 ahead.

Thanks to a strong second quarter, the players from Rotterdam were able to reduce the difference to 8 points: 30-38. De Groene Uilen then used the third quarter to extend their lead by thirteen points and the game seemed pretty much over.

Long live hope

Nevertheless, Baros found reason later to start hoping for a good outcome in Zwolle. After an impressive catch-up race, the team was just two points behind at two minutes before the final whistle: 68-70.

The efforts of the Rotterdam players to close the difference proved insufficient, however, and De Groene Uilen used the rest of the game to further stretch their lead, with a final score of 72-81.

‘It’s painful now, but we’ll soon have reason to smile’

With the defeat, the hopes of Baros for both the title in the amateur championship and promotion to the Women’s Basketball League, the highest level in the Netherlands, were dashed. This was especially painful following their convincing double victory over Almonte in the previous round of the Final Four.

Player Tété Bartelds: “This really sucks. After our poor start, we never really got into the flow with our game. Our opponent was able to break through our defence several times because we were not focused and made a lot of mistakes. As a result, we could not put our fastest players against their quickest and our defence was vulnerable.”

Nevertheless, Bartelds looks back at the season in a very positive light. “Despite all the ups and downs, we have really grown as a team. It was great to get so far, even though it’s too bad that we couldn’t claim the ultimate prize. It’s painful now, but we’ll soon have reason to smile. After all, our objective was to reach the Final Four, and we did it.”