In the eleventh edition of the Quote Top 100 Young Millionaires, two former EUR students are right at the top of the list. In total, seven EUR alumni have made it into the Top 100. All of them studied at either the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) or the Erasmus School of Economics (ESE).

The two highest-ranking EUR alumni (at one and two) made their fortune at the web shop, Coolblue. Number one, Pieter Zwart (38), is Managing Director, and Paul de Jong (37), number two on the list, is former director and co-owner of the rapidly growing online store. Quote estimates that they are worth 165 and 125 million euros respectively. Both millionaires studied at RSM.

Trading and internet empire

In fifth place is Sjoerd Rietberg, the thirty-six-year-old chief executive of financial trader, Flow Traders. He left EUR with a master in Finance, and is now worth 48 million euros. Sebastiaan Koeling (37) also amassed his wealth working at a financial trader (Optiver), but with his 10 million euros he places much lower down the list at 58th.

Stijn Koster (32) is thirteenth on the list. He studied Economics and Informatics, and started his entrepreneurial carrier in 2004 by renting out game servers. Now, he has a real Internet empire, which consists of data centres (SmartDC), a service for websites or domain names (i3D), and software for computer game developers that helps to prevent fraud (Gameblocks). This empire earned him around 22 million euros.

No need for pity

Derckjan Kruit (32) and Derek Roos (36) are the lowest placed EUR alumni in the Top 100, although we certainly don’t have to feel sorry for them. The number 59 and number 60 in the list both completed the master degree in Business Administration and Management, and still have about 10 million euros; a sum they earned through the software company they set up, Mendix.

Every year, Quote magazine publishes a list of the Top 500 richest Dutch people. According to the magazine, the Top 100 Young Millionaires is the ‘attractive younger sister’ of this list. To qualify, millionaires must be younger than forty years old.