The month of May is a month full of freedom, happiness, intimacy and festivity. Together, they make the perfect mix, and this month you will find it at Netsky in Annabel, inter-faculty parties, Nachtduik and, last but by no means least, the Toffler festival!

Netsky in Annabel

Image credit: Ukf

Netsky, the name itself might not mean all that much to you, but once you press the play button below and secretly check out some great tunes, I’m pretty sure that it will start to ring a bell. Netsky is a drum & bass artist, and he creates his music in such a way that basically anyone can appreciate it. Everything he touches turns to ‘gold’ and the charts are full of his songs: definitely no small fry in the music scene. On 14 May, he will be raising the roof at Annabel along with a few supporting acts. Tickets cost 14 euros and for that money you really can’t afford not to miss him, right?

Inter-faculty parties

Image credit: Interfaculty Rotterdam

This month, various faculties join forces to put on two great parties on 19 May. The associations Cedo Nulli, JFR and ACE are hosting a party at Toffler, and EFR and ESN will be doing the same at Maassilo. I wish I could let you all in on all the juicy details and give you the scoop on the exact content and design of the parties, but unfortunately the organisers’ lips are sealed and the line-up for both parties will remain a complete surprise. Tickets for this surprise are only 5 euros, so basically no student has a financial excuse not to go.

Nachtduik at Annabel

Image credit: Nachtduik

After a very successful New Year’s Eve version (see photo), Nachtduik is back with a brand new edition this month. And what an edition it is! The names on the list of artists speak for themselves and Annabel rarely sees such a strong line-up! With Surgeon, Stranger and Clouds behind the decks, I really hope that they have reinforced the beams because Annabel is guaranteed to be shaking on her foundations on 20 May. A ticket for this hard-hitting techno party costs 15 euros. If you’re lucky, you might even manage to find one for 10 euros on ticketswap.

Toffler festival

Toffler Festival
Image credit: Toffler

Kick-off your festival season this month with sunbeams, refreshing drinks and amazing techno/house beats. This enjoyable phenomenon, otherwise known as the Toffler Festival, takes place on Saturday, 21 May at the Roel Langerakpark in Rotterdam. Nothing but praise after last year’s edition promised a lot of great things, and I hope they will repeat their success this year. If the weather gods are on our side, for 38.50 euros we can dance together in the sun, armed with a beer in our left hand and an ice-cold rocket ice lolly in our right!

Tip of the month: Always take your protective partyplugs with you; the music is almost always so loud that it’s guaranteed to cause permanent hearing damage if you don’t have them in!

Jeffrey Seij, 19, studies Public Administration at EUR, loves parties, festivals and the like. Over the next few months he will happily review and report on his party experiences, and will also provide monthly tips on the greatest parties thrown in Rotterdam.