The players from Erasmus Volley were unable to win promotion to the second division. After a 1-3 defeat by Hands Up from Berlicum, last Saturday, the Rotterdam team lost by the same margin to Kraftwell Symmachia Roosendaal.

In the regular competition (the third division A), Erasmus Volley came second behind Zuvo. That meant that the volleyball team was eligible to play for promotion in a pool with the number two from the third division B, Hands Up, and Kernkraft, which was tenth in the second division. Kernkraft eventually won this pool and kept its place.

Mixed feelings

Player Martijn Kroonen from Erasmus Volley has mixed feelings about the last place in the promotion pool. “Beforehand, we’d have been delighted seeing that last year we’d just been promoted to the third division. Immediately coming second in this division and being able to play for promotion was amazing. But looking back, I feel that we could have done more. In both matches, we only really showed how well we can play in one set. Perhaps it was the nervous tension.”

Next year, the team therefore wants to play a significant role in the battle for the title. Kroonen: “Having come second this year, we owe it to our supporters to go for the championship next year. We must then build on this year’s performance and become even more consistent. Most of the team are staying together, but we also want to attract younger and new talents to the team.”