Lovers of specialty beer will be in their element in the Oude Haven on Saturday 16 April from 2.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. where Café Pardoen is hosting a beer festival.

Brewers like Ramses, Bliksem and Raven Bone Hill are coming together to brew the tastiest specialty beer. The Hopper can be tried too. Using that tap, you can determine the flavour of your beer.

‘There’s more than lager’

The festival is being organised by Lambiekske, the specialty beer sub association of the Rotterdamsch Studenten Gezelschap, to mark its 35th anniversary. This makes Lambiekske the oldest sub association of the RSG. Previously, during the Oktoberfest the association’s anniversary was also highlighted.

The association regularly organises beer meals, a selection of dishes based on beer and served with many different beers. Every year, members also spend a weekend in Belgium on the Biervaart. This year, however, they are travelling to Ireland. Beer festivals, breweries and specialty beer pubs are also visited every year.

But it’s not just about drinking, says co-organiser and member Chiel Zwijnenburg. “It’s not about the highest consumption, it’s about discovering beer. There’s more than lager”.

Specialty beer

Sometimes, the association brews its own specialty beer, under the name ‘Lambrouwske’. “That beer is never released and stays within the association”, says Zwijnenburg.

Apart from its own beers, the association traditionally focused on Belgian specialty beers. However, things have changed in recent years according to Zwijnenburg. “There are more and more international specialty beers, like the American IPAs, so there’s been a shift in taste among students”.


It’s no coincidence that the festival is being held at café Pardoen. According to Zwijnenburg, ‘the RSG has had a good bond with Pardoen for years’. And ‘the owner’s daughter is a member of the RSG’.

Everyone is welcome at the Beer festival. Admission is free, although the beers must be paid for.