Good news for ‘fro-yo’ fans: Frozz has returned to the EUR campus. As of Monday, the yoghurt ice cream stand can be found back in its familiar setting at the Foodcourt.

Frozz aficionados

In January, Oodles & Frozz shut down their stand at the EUR Foodcourt. To the sorrow of numerous Frozz aficionados, says Roos ’t Hart, Frozz’s marketing and retail manager. “Sohmi’s staff regularly informed us that customers were asking for Frozz.”

To give the people what they want, Sohmi will be clearing some space at its location for a Frozz machine.



In the new set-up, customers have one size to choose from: regular. The price is unaltered though: 4 euro per ice cream. There have however been some changes to service. Instead of ordering and waiting until they’re handed their ice cream and toppings, customers are allowed to operate the Frozz machine themselves.

Frozz will be available until at least the summer holidays.