Frozz & Oodlz , which serves noodles and frozen yoghurt, will be closing down its eatery in the Foodcourt on the EUR campus on 18 December.

The reason why the company is closing its doors at the Foodcourt is because a shift of focus, an employee of Frozz stated. “We’re planning to make a lot of people happy with your 100 % frozen yoghurt at our new pop up locations. We hope to see the students of the Erasmus University there.”

The foodvenue will be replaced by “a food concept based on the Vietnamses and Japanese kitchen based on the thought: fresh, tasty, easy and healthy”, according to Frozz. The Erasmus University will not confirm this statement. “The deal is not set in stone”, says Bas Takens in an email, real estate advisor of the Erasmus University.

The new eatery opens on the 4th of January.