Have you got too much free time on your hands and are you wondering what else you can do with your life that adds to your list of mind-blowing work experiences, gives a golden touch to your CV and makes your LinkedIn profile just a little better than that of others? Then a board year might be the right thing for you. A board fair at Erasmus Plaza helped you choose. EM went, so you didn’t have to.

AIESEC Netherlands

AIESEC is a global platform for young students to explore and develop their leadership skills during internships and volunteer projects abroad. “What I’ve learnt during my board year at AIESEC is that international mindedness is very important. We are a global organization and we cannot limit ourselves to sticking to certain rules and attitudes. Working in an international environment has really helped me develop myself as an individual. I often have the feeling that I am really part of a big international association and the ‘AIESEC’er’ community”, Shirley Nieuwland, Exchange Participant Manager said.


Enactus EUR

A student body organization that specialises and strives for social entrepreneurship and focuses on giving people with a less fortunate social background the opportunity to become a part of society again, is very popular amongst IBA students. “As Chairman at Enactus EUR, I have really improved my leadership and communication skills, as well as the fact that I have been given so many opportunities to enhance my presentation skills. The network I have built over the last year here at Enactus is unimaginable. Having a professional business advisor from Unilever is also a great reason to work in the board at Enactus EUR”, Luca Spring told EM.

UNICEF Student Team Rotterdam

UNICEF STU Rotterdam is an official organization compromising student activities with respect to fundraising and social awareness creation for the common goals of UNICEF. Project Manager, Romy Uit Het Broek said “I notice that I’ve learnt to be more patient and to be more comfortable in handing out asks. I am a bit of a control freak, but having the position as Project Manager has taught me to let go of that feeling. I’ve also learnt that even the smallest donations can help someone in need and that we are not always required to think big”


ESN is the Erasmus Student Network in Rotterdam and is often considered the ‘party’ association, who organize events almost every week for students. “Working in the board of ESN is unimaginable. I’m an international student and I know how important it is to build a network and feel at home wherever you are. Its quite interesting working here, last year I was always attending the ESN events and this year I’m the one controlling what is going on”, Amin Noori, Vice President of ESN told EM. “We are one big ESN family, the people are great and the feedback we get is fantastic, which makes working at ESN even more enjoyable”.

For more information on the above mentioned associations and all the others present at the Board Fair, visit www.bestuursjaar.nl.