Every Monday, I AM puts another fashionable campus inhabitant in the spotlight. This time: Parikrama Rai (21), an IBA and Philosophy student.

Style. “Sometimes I try to look good, but usually I just want to be comfortable, like today. I do try to care more but when I have a workshop at 9 AM that can be hard. It was different when I lived in Nepal, style there is more feminine I guess. My mom always told me to dress nice. Now that I am away from my mom I take advantage of that by wearing more stuff like this.”


Journalism. “After high school I wasn’t sure of what to do but I thought that while I was in Nepal I might as well earn some money. I started working at a youth magazine called wave. I got to go to opening ceremonies and sporting events. I also interviewed some famous Nepalese people, for example some rock bands and radio jockeys.”

Local Habits. “I like to travel, but not to see all the tourist stuff. I rather walk around the streets and experience local life. I like to travel by Blablacar and stay in an Airbnb. When I was in Nice I stayed in an apartment in the middle of the local market place. Every morning I would wake up and go out to the bakery to get fresh bread and a coffee, it was such a nice trip. I’ve also never been a big luxury traveler, I used to travel a lot when I was younger because my mom was an air hostess, but we never stayed in luxury hotels.”

Nepalese food. “Nepalese food is really good, but I don’t make it that often. It is especially hard to make it as a student because it is so time consuming. You have to cook so many things and usually that is just too much work. I do make it occasionally, but it never tastes as good as my mom’s food. Finding the ingredients here however, is quite easy so when I do feel like making it I can.”