The Keuzegids Masters 2016 came out and that means that all universities are counting how many times they ended on top the lists. The Erasmus University is doing good this year.

As many as eight master’s received the predicate top education. Last year only two master’s received this honour. A master is regarded as top education if they have a total score of at least 76 points.

There are now nine masters named the best in their field.


The award winners

You can find the master’s who received a price here:

Top masters at the EUR:

  • Liability and insurance
  • Labour law
  • Philosophy and economics
  • History
  • International management
  • Marketing management
  • Sociology of culture, media and arts
  • Molecular medicine

Best master’s in the field

Pedagogy and Education sciences
Pedagogy and education

Thematic master’s
Labour Law
Liability and insurance

International business
International management

Marketing management
Marketing management

Human Resource Management

Specialist biomedical masters
Infection and immunity

Researchmaster farmaceutical sciences
Molecular medicine

Supply chain management
Supply chain management (shared position with similar called master at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen)