Me or mine, yours or you’re. Spelling and grammar remains a difficult issue for some, and a piece of cake for others. Let’s see how good you understand the Dutch language and take the EM-language test.

“Is het met een d of met een t?” the rock band De Staat asked itself in a song they made for educational television Het Klokhuis. Dutch is quite a difficult language, so teaching the language at secondary schools needs to change, a number of scientists and teachers advocated recently.

The Dutch language can also easy be taken advantage af, as showed by the television show Rambam. Swap some d’s and t’s and you can pass as someone for someone with dyslexia. This could come in quite handy, as it gives you more time for your exams and you can get a financial compensation when you study longer than the required time.



So, how are your language skills? Find out and take the Dutch EM language quiz.