Nominal is normal, ‘N=N’, has had a positive effect in its first year. A new survey by research bureau Risbo shows the extent of that effect.

N=N was introduced at many faculties in 2012. The results of the survey, involving around 3000 students per year, show that since 2012 significantly more students have achieved 60 credits in their first year. The group just behind (between 40 and 59 credits) is now much smaller. Until 2012 this was still around 30 percent, but is now less than 10 percent. The group which drops out or switches to another study has stayed more or less the same: one third of the total.

The survey also shows that the effect of N=N in the second and third years of the programme has not been entirely positive, and in some cases even negative. A detailed analysis will be included in the next edition of Erasmus Magazine.