Sheets of notes, photos of PowerPoint slides on your phone and then your books. It can be hard to keep track of your study materials. Fortunately, there are now some handy apps to help. We list five for you.

1. Easy Bib

Writing footnotes is not the most fun thing to do. It’s often very time consuming and can easily go wrong. Easy Bib solves this problem. All you need to do is scan the barcode on your book with the app. The app then automatically creates a footnote. Make sure that you use the right citation style, because Easy Bib offers many different styles.

2. Evernote

How to keep your notes, spoken commentary and photos together? Evernote can do it. You can use it to make notes and save photos. You can also use the app to record sound fragments, which is nice if you want to record parts of a lecture. Handy if you want to check which part of the lecture relates to which notes.

3. Simplemind

With Simplemind, you keep your thoughts together. With the app, you can keep mindmaps. Handy for a brainstorming afternoon with your project team or if you’re collecting information for your dissertation or thesis. All kinds of things can be added to the mindmap, from video clips to notes and from sound fragments to photos.

4. Scanner pro

During work groups, you often get lots of loose sheets. In order to transfer them rapidly as a PDF file to your google docs or dropbox, you can use Scanner Pro. Just take a photo and the file will appear in your camera roll. The only disadvantage is that the app costs you money: 3 euros.

5. Pocket

Use Pocket to save articles that you want to read later. The app can be used online and offline so you can also use it in the metro. Handy if you don’t have time to read an article immediately, or if you plan to use it later as a source.