The legendary student pub Plan C is soon to reopen. Five years ago, the pub had to close because of complaints about noise. However, the new owner is keen to bring the pub back to the entertainment scene in Rotterdam.

News about the reopening was enthusiastically received on the pub’s Facebook page, where hundreds of former regulars were able to share their memories. Plan C first opened in 1981. From that moment, the pub became increasingly popular among Rotterdam students. The popular location on the Oude Haven was also a great place to enjoy a drink on the terrace on a lovely spring day. When the pub closed in 2011 due to noise complaints, this marked the end of an era. The building has been vacant ever since.

No more noise problems

“We’re going to install a floor with different layers, which will be separate from the walls. This will reduce the noise for residents living above the pub. We will also use bouncers who will ensure that visitors leave the Oude Haven quietly at the end of the evening”, says Mitchell Hettema from Plan C. Besides a new floor, the rest of the pub is also being refurbished. “We want to recreate the feel of a pub.  That means lots of wood and brown elements. And to add a modern touch, there’ll be LED lighting behind the bar.”

The pub not only welcomes current students, it also wants to be a real meeting place for past visitors. “On Thursday evening, we’ll be organising a student evening. On Friday, there’ll be a live band, mainly for the old visitors to Plan C. Later in the evening, the band will be replaced by a DJ. On Saturday evenings, we’ll work with DJs.”


Besides an evening out, you can also visit Plan C for lunch or a meal in the restaurant. The refurbishment of the old building started last Monday. “We’ll probably open on one of the first weekends in April. We plan to organise an opening featuring artists who used to play in Plan C.” Which artists and exactly when the opening will take place are not yet known.