More and more students are living at home while they study. Only 50.4 percent of students at Erasmus University live away from home compared with 64.5 percent of university students nationally.

The statistics show a clear rise in comparison with previous years. In 2012, over 70 percent of the university students lived away from home. The reason why more students are staying at home is probably related to the abolition of the basic student grant and the introduction of the student loan system. This has made living in lodgings less affordable. Students who still live at home receive the same amount of money as students living away from home.

Other students also continue to live at home

It’s not only university students who are increasingly choosing to live at home. Students of higher professional education and secondary vocational education are also choosing to stay in the parental home rather than move into a student house. 46.6 percent of students on higher professional education programmes and 17.8 percent of secondary vocational education students live away from home.