It’s not the cosiest place on campus, but on Monday evening, students turned the E building into a festival stage. Hosted by SG Erasmus, a range of performers, from theatre to music, overtook the offices for an evening.

The event kicked off around 10 pm with a partner performance from members of the Erasmus Dance Society. Each one of the quite numerous visitors could then decide to attend three out of four performances. The reason being a limited amount of space and time.

Theatergroep Wilde Roomservice festival
A play by theatre group WILDe during the Roomservice Festival.

Love, birth, life, death and kebab

The space issue became clear upon entering room E1-23, occupied by the theatre group Wild(E). The room was split in half between audience and performers, which did not hinder the latter ones to deliver a turbulent improvisation. Their first act, called Switch, consisted of the actors taking turns in a two person performance, often resulting in unexpected outcomes. Wild(E) then went into a different direction, letting the audience choose three actors under the supervision of actor appointed director Roman Weber (Wild(E) chairman and 2nd year IBCoM). After this experience of love, birth, life and death set in an imaginary HAS Kebab, it was time to applaud and head back to the lobby for the second round.

Frank Rensen Roomservice festival
Frank Rensen Image credit: Ernest Thiesmeier

In a dimly lit E1-41, the second round commenced with Frank Rensen. Armed with nothing but a guitar, a harmonica and his voice he set out to convince the audience with songs from his new EP. The singer/songwriter from Rotterdam, who states himself that he is inspired by artists such as Neil Young, James Taylor, and Jim Croce, played his acoustic set. The small audience was tightly packed and the small amount of light being emitted by the numerous globes situated throughout the room tinted it in yellow light. After just four songs the crowd stumbled back into the bright corridor and got ready for the next act.

Anna Bernard Roomservice festival
Anna Bernard & Frederico Castelli Image credit: Ernest Thiesmeier

An act, which was situated on the other end of the building, enabling many to grab a beer before heading for the evening’s final performance in room E1-13. Anna Bernard and Frederico Castelli were already waiting. They played a host of cover songs ranging from The Beatles’ Across the Universe to lesser known artists from London and around the world. While Frederico was playing his guitar and refusing to unbutton his shirt during the more romantic songs, Anna tried her best on the vocals. The two of them even made it to a bonus song before having to end their set and this rather unusually located evening.