The 2016 ‘Keuzegids’ for university study programmes has just been published. Erasmus University managed to achieve four number 1 positions in the 2016 Keuzegids, specifically the bachelor programmes for Medicine, Philosophy, History and Pedagogical and Educational Sciences.

The Pedagogical and Educational Sciences study programme is not unrivalled in this. The educationalists in Rotterdam have to share their place with the study programmes at the Radboud University in Nijmegen and the VU University Amsterdam.

Winners and losers

The Criminology, Sociology and Social Studies, Fiscal Economics and International Communication & Media study programmes are in position number two. Public Administration, International Business Administration, Psychology and Cultural Studies have scored a number 3 position.

The University College of EUR is not joining in with the revellers. The study programme has the lowest assessment of all the University Colleges in the country, receiving a lower than average score on content and lecturers. The provision of information scored very low.

The assessment of the Keuzegids is based on the results of the annual National Student Survey (NSE). In the questionnaire students answer all kinds of questions about the content of the study programme, the study load, facilities and scientific training.