On the second Super Sunday of the season, RSRC’s first team scored a deserved victory over Amersfoort team RC Eemland 2. A few dozen spectators witnessed the highest-ranking students’ rugby team destroy its opponent at the small but atmospheric venue in Rotterdam, 70-19.

On Super Sundays, all RSRC teams play their games at home, and so last Sunday the club hosted no fewer than three games (on top of watching two Rugby World Cup quarter finals on TV). Since RSRC’s B squad had lost their game earlier in the afternoon, it was up to the A team to ensure the spectators got their money’s worth. And they did. Before the game, team manager Hylke Korf reported that the team had been playing well over the last few weeks, despite losing a few points. ‘We’ve got a few new players. We’re a little inexperienced in some positions, but so far we’ve exceeded expectations.’ The same cannot be said of the team’s opponent, Eemland RC, who have scored zero points from five games. And to add insult to injury, the Amersfoort team were a man short due to injuries.

Slordigheden in de eerste helft

Despite having the numerical advantage, RSRC was unable to play its own game in the first half. Many unnecessary mistakes were made and players failed to use the space on the pitch. However, in the second half RSRC was better able to convert its numerical advantage into tries. Oscar Langeslag, in particular, helped the Rotterdam team get ahead of its opponent with his speed and several tries. RC Eemland were unable to respond to the challenge and could not avoid getting defeated, 70-19. The victory helped RSRC climb to third spot in the Tweede Klasse Zuid division.

The team’s new fullback, Philip Jonker, offered some constructive criticism after the victory. ‘We didn’t go at them well enough at first. They were a hard team to play because they got into a very compact formation. In the second half we were better able to deal with that, and we realised there was room on the wings.’

Winger Oscar Langeslag added, ‘We students aren’t as big as most of our opponents, so we have to try and outrun them.’ Langeslag was modest about his own achievements. ‘I can’t do this stuff on my own. I need my teammates. I can’t do anything without their passes. I’d like to emphasise that rugby is all about the team effort. There are no Messis or Ronaldos who can do everything on their own.’

Heeft jouw studentensportvereniging komend weekend een kraker op het programma staan? Tip EM en misschien komt onze verslaggever ook bij jullie langs.

rugby RSRC 1 tegen RC Eemland (3)
Image credit: Floris Hager

‘Uncomparable to football’

Langeslag also took the opportunity to put in a good word for his sport. ‘Rugby is the best team sport. It can’t be compared to, say, football. We’re all about respect. For our team members, our opponents and the referee. We don’t nag. We’re polite. After each game, we’ll have a beer with our opponents.’

We expect there was a fair bit of beer-drinking on this particular Super Sunday. After all, RSRC’s third team also won its game, scoring nearly the same number of points as the A team: 73-22.