A few weeks ago, the Erasmus Recruitment Days (ERD) event got an on-line sibling: the Erasmus Recruitment Platform (ERP), which students can access to check out job advertisements, in-house days and job application tips.

During the ten-day ERD event, students will be given the opportunity to meet potential employers, attend training courses and network, or learn how to network. But since most students’ career concerns aren’t limited to ten-day events, student societies STAR and EFR have now launched the Erasmus Recruitment Platform. The platform provides a wealth of information on the labour market, says economics student Mike Hooymans. “For instance, the platform provides advice on how to write a cover letter, and organisations taking part in the ERD are given the opportunity to present themselves on the platform.”

Screenshot uit introductiefilmpje van Erasmus Recruitment Days en Erasmus Recruitment Platform.

So far it’s been quite a hit. “Over three hundred students have already accessed the platform, even though we’ve only spread word of the launch via social media and the student societies involved.”

Students who’d rather start preparing for their career today than tomorrow are welcome to sign up for the platform on its website. Students will be able to sign up for the ERD from November onwards. ERD attendees will be automatically granted access to the platform.