This Saturday, 19 September, Rotterdam will celebrate summer one last time when Rotown hosts the “What if life was an R&B clip?” party.

And? That means we’ll be standing in front of a mirror for hours deciding on our best outfit and moving all night to the sound of R&B like Nelly’s “Hot in Here”. And this time, it will all come with a tropical flavour. In the words of organiser Chris: “The party will be ‘Peter André-esque’ with palm leaf mats, flower wreaths and plenty of summer music. Last month in Utrecht, we played Peter André’s ‘Mysterious Girl’ every hour and the one who danced best to the song got a Bacardi Breezer Island Pineapple on the house. You’d think that people would get bored of the whole thing after a couple of hours, but they never seem to get enough of Peter.”

The dress code for the party is therefore tropical in the sense of bikinis, flower wreaths, Hawaii shirts and long board shorts. “It’s a hip hop party with humour. Serious hip hop fans sometimes come to our parties expecting Drake’s music. They find themselves among leopard pyjamas and members of TLC. It makes the first minutes awkward, but ultimately everyone just goes with the flow and has a great time.”

For techno lovers, Dave Clark will be at Toffler on Friday, 18 September. On Friday, Bird will be home to the Afrobeats of Philou Louzolo, and works by the famous artist Keith Haring will be on display in ‘The Political Line’ exhibition at Rotterdam’s Kunsthal.