Two student entrepreneurs from Erasmus University reach the semi-final of Brilliant Young Entrepreneurs 2015 (BYE).

The Pearltect is a bracelet that gives off a nasty smell following activation. Prior to this the innovation won the Philips Innovation Award 2015. Students from Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University Rotterdam developed the bracelet. The nasty smell is supposed to scare off any potential assailants or rapists. Apart from the nasty smell the bracelet also releases an invisible DNA marker which can be used to track down the attacker later on.

Valory offers companies a scientific network. Companies with a subscription can put a question to the network and scientists who have an answer to this or an idea can then respond. Prior to this, Valory also won the FlexInnovatieFonds 2015 prize.


New knowledge and contacts

BYE is a competition organised by the Young Entrepreneurship Foundation (Stichting Jong Ondernemen) that tries to give promising start-ups a helping hand by providing them with new knowledge and introducing them to new contacts. Furthermore, the winner receives 15,000 euros in prize money. The semi-finals will take place in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht on 2 October.