Eighty fifty-litre kegs of beer and 2800 new students can only mean one thing: the traditional Tuesday evening biercantus. To music supplied by the ‘cantoraat’, the crowd sang along to classics by Queen, Neil Diamond, Dutch singer Marco Borsato and The Backstreet Boys.

Loko Toko Picture Show
For the seventeen-year-olds who can’t yet drink and wanted to do something else, SG Erasmus organised the Loko Toko Picture Show in the Erasmus Pavilion. Judging by the belly laughs, the trio’s improvisation comedy was a great success.

Lemonade and water
It wasn’t easy to spot underage students (recognisable by their orange wristband) during the biercantus in the hall of M building, although there were a few. ‘We also sell lemonade and water,’ says Maret Stuij, new board member at Campuscafé In de Smitse. ‘We have very strict controls at the entrance and at the bar.’ While (another) barrel empties and all the beer sprays everywhere, Stuij calmly continues: ‘It’s going to be a great evening. We expect to empty at least seventy barrels.’

In view of the huge amounts of beer that never reached thirsty throats and had landed on the floor by the end of the evening, that was no exaggeration. But no one worried about the sticky floor, because everyone was busy singing, dancing, flirting, jumping up and down and – obviously – doing the conga.