The technical issues with the wristband system that presented themselves Monday morning have been resolved. The platform containing information about the Eurekaweek participants was back online around 1:30 p.m.

On Monday morning, the participants were asked to pick up their wristbands during Meet the Campus, in view of the crowds expected at the launch in De Doelen’s main hall. A technical problem threw a spanner in the works.

“In the meantime, we have manually updated an Excel file with all new changes,” explained Eurekaweek Chair Nadia Dijkstra. “This allows us to immediately check in the system to which group someone belongs, and to enter changes directly rather than swap wristbands like we did last year.”

Nevertheless, dining at the student association you’d like to join was still out of the question. “We’ve distributed people evenly across the associations, and they will be taking account of allergies and the number of diners. In other words: if someone’s not where he or she is supposed to be, we’ll know straight away”, Dijkstra said Monday afternoon.

Last week, you could also buy wristbands for the Eurekaweek through Ticketswap. The committee quickly found out about this and got in touch with the organisation. “We explained to them that the e-tickets are individually assigned and can’t be passed on to someone else. Incidentally, without the right ID, there’s no way you could get in anyway.” Dijkstra suspects that the tickets were sold on by people who had to cancel at the last minute. “Fortunately, only one person bought a ticket. Ticketswap has since got in touch with the buyer and the money will be refunded.”