What are your plans for summer?

The summer holidays are near. EM went out on campus to get to know more about students’ plans for the summer.

Harry Putra, 25 years old, from Indonesia. Master student in Finance and Economics at Erasmus School of Economics.

“Right now, I am writing my Master thesis, so I am quite busy. Nonetheless, I will go back to Indonesia for one month. This is particularly important for me since the Ramadan is coming up. I am a Muslim and Indonesia is a Muslim country so naturally it is a big thing there. My family will gather for around 5 days to celebrate it in my home town Dumai, two hours flying from Jakarta. Then I will come back to Holland to finish my writings and defend my Master thesis.”

Kimberly van Tongeren, 21 years old, from the Netherlands. Third year student in Business Administration.

“In July, I will go to Spain to visit a friend I met on my exchange. We will travel to a couple of places, as my friend has some summer houses. When I return to Holland, I will be a leader in a summer camp for children for one month. We will have 48 kids from 12 different countries staying in Oosterhout, near Breda.  Afterwards, I am flying to Milan to meet my family there. We will stay some days and celebrate my birthday. Finally, I might go to Vienna afterwards to visit another friend from my exchange.”

Lara Rose Eikamp, 21 years old, from Germany and the United States. First year student in Psychology.

“I will be going back to the United States to visit the family on my mother’s side. They are living in the Fort Worth Area near Dallas, Texas. The place is called Garland, it’s just a suburb but located on the famous Route 66. I will spent some time with them and then probably travel through Texas. There you might find me in Galveston, a peninsula off the coast in the Gulf of Mexico. Finally, I will visit my family in Cologne, Germany. But the length of my stay there depends on the date my study starts again.” ET