Doing a minor at a different university will be easier for students at Erasmus University Rotterdam, Delft University of Technology and Leiden University, because these three universities will be opening these minors to each other’s students.

This is yet another example of the close collaboration that the three universities are seeking to achieve. There was even a rumour in the past that they would be merging, but many staff members were opposed to this. The merger idea has been dropped, but collaboration is set to continue.

The universities are offering ‘broadening minors’ that are suitable for students from all kinds of degree programmes, and they will be reserving 30% of their places in these minors for students from the other two universities.

Stimulating and facilitating

Although students were already able to pursue minors at a different university, this turned out to be rather difficult in reality. The three universities will be stimulating and facilitating mutual participation in each other’s minors.

Most of the bachelor programmes have a major-minor structure with a minor component that varies from 15 to 30 credits. Rotterdam, Delft and Leiden will also be offering joint minors. The first of these joint minors – Responsible Innovation – commenced this academic year.

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