The Pitch – from EM Online on Vimeo.

The Pitch:

19-12-2014 Student entrepreneurs pitch their startup company to Erasmus Magazine. In this edition, Stijn Folkers presents his company a webshop selling high quality headphones.

Name: Stijn Folkers (21)

Study: fourth year student Business Administration  

Company: and

In short: “ sells high quality headphones with a unique design. The headphones are inspired by Italian design and designed in Hollywood, very durable and the sound quality is great. I’m the only one selling this brand in the Netherlands.”

Turnover: “€ 3.000 last November and approximately €20.000 to €30.000 a year.”  

The idea: “I’ve always been interested in the music scene and wanted to start a webshop with products that appeal to me personally as well. It was kind of an impulsive idea. We started it in September 2011, the time that Beats By Dre headphones were starting to get really popular. First we sold different brands under the name, but now we only sell V-Moda headphones.”

Setting up the business: “I started this company when I began to study Bedrijfskunde (Business Administration). It was really unprofessional in the beginning, but we improved ourselves more and more. A customer of us came up with the idea to focus completely on V-moda, since there is no other place where you can buy this brand in The Benelux. Soon we will be an official reseller.”

Unique Selling Point: “The unique design and sustainability. The sound quality is very good, especially in this price range, and because of that we focus on professional DJ’s.”

What I’ve learned from my study: “Not so much actually. The minor Entrepreneurship I did this year taught me a lot about setting up a company, but I hope my master will be more useful than my bachelor.”

Most important personal lesson: “You can negotiate about almost everything. I didn’t know that when I started, but I was only seventeen at that time so I didn’t even dare to. And don’t invest in things you don’t need when business is going well. Stick to the basics of your company.”

My company in five years: “I hope to run a company in the creative sector with multiple employees. I have a lot of ideas, but it could be anything. The only thing I know for sure is that I won’t be working for a boss. I’m too independent and stubborn for that.” BK