Theft in the University Library

Last month, three laptops were stolen from the University Library. Unaware of the possibility of the theft, the victims left their belongings unattended.  Are students surprised that something like this happened and will it make them more cautious next time?

Ieva, 23, Masters at the School of Economics  

“I think it is just really bad. It didn’t affect me, but my classmate’s laptop was stolen and, I mean, it is our fellow students who did it. It is definitely not nice and I could never imagine that students would dare to do something  like that. I believe the university has to do something about it. Although, I am not sure what. Perhaps, they could install cameras. Then, it would be possible to use the recordings to identify the thieves, since all the students are in the database. Anyway, I use the library rarely and when I do, I usually take my laptop and other belongings with me. But next time I will be extra alert or will use a locker just in case.”

Marijn Bouwhuis, 24, Masters of management of innovation at RSM

“To be honest, I haven’t even heard about the theft. I don’t use the library that much, because it feels too crowded and it doesn’t help me to concentrate. It is silly of people to leave their stuff unattended. There will always be someone willing to take it. It is also stupid that there are people who want to steal, but that’s just how the world works. You can’t do much about it. It happens everywhere and I am not really surprised. So it doesn’t seem to me that the university should or can take any action, really. It is up to students to take their responsibility and be careful where and  how they store their stuff.”

Celeste de Beer, 22, Masters at the School of History, Communication and Culture:

“Actually, I didn’t know that the laptops got stolen. I am shocked, I wouldn’t expect such a number. I think it’s crazy and I feel terrible for the people who lost all their documents and work. We all use the library and I always thought that we share a sort of community feeling. In fact, I sometimes leave my laptop unattended. So while it really surprises me, it also makes me more cautious. Next time I will use the lockers for sure or carry everything with me. I imagine you can’t really prevent it no matter how hard you try. As far as I know, it happens in every university. But there are always measures to be taken. Cameras might be a solution. “  KS