On Thursday, the 23rd of October it was time for a new edition of “Who is the best singer/songwriter of Erasmus University”. Held in the Erasmus Paviljoen, this event hosted some of the universities musically talented students.

After a brief delay, the show could finally kick off around 8pm. In front of a crowd consisting to equal parts out of restaurant guests and friends and fans of the performers, Daniel Boonstra entered the stage. The second year IBCoM student who performed with an electric guitar, pleased the crowd with several of his own songs. Although the jury was not quite able to understand all of his lyrics, they nevertheless suggested to Daniel that he should get a band as talent could clearly be discerned. Describing his gig as “passionate, electric and sexy”, he left the stage with a great deal of applause.

Daniël Boonstra

Following the energetic gig of Daniel, Steven de Jong had a bit of a hard time in keeping the audiences attention. His very personal, in some aspects almost psychedelic songs were complimented by the jury. They pointed out that his music definitely had potential, although he should work on his live performance. Steven, who studies “Arts and Culture” did not take it too hard, explaining that he felt somewhat “exposed” during the gig. It was one of his first shows, after all.

Steven de Jong

Willem van der Deijl, a 24 years old Phd-student of philosophy had some visual similarities with Mr. Boonstra but played an acoustic set instead. Although he stated that he did not perform live in three years, this was hardly noticeable. Besides pointing out his slight nervousness, the jury complimented Willem on his clear singing and his energetic attitude. This judgement did not seem to leave him unhappy, as he perceived his gig as “fun”.

It was time for the first lady of the evening to enter the stage. Rebekka Keus, a half Dutch, half Mexican IBCoM student in her first year, set out to prove her skills. First with her own song, where she played the guitar next to her full voice. The instrument was then put aside to enable her to sing a cover song by Adele, with instrumental backing from her phone. While she performed a visibly emotional show, the judges pointed out that a greater amount of her own songs would have been awesome. Rebekka stated that she played an “engaging” set.

Rebekka Keus

Next, 2nd year IBEB student Egla Hajno started to sing, accompanied by a keyboard player. The Albanian who sings since her first year of life, delivered a powerful performance which moved the audience to loud applause. Her experience was definitely visible, with the jury assuring her to have turned the Paviljoen into a nightclub. Egla also had brought the biggest group of supporters. For her, the experience was literally “breathtaking”, as she explained in reference to her vocal performance.

Then it was time for Henry Sung. Currently in his 4th year of IBCoM, the Taiwan born student rocked the Paviljoen with his self-confident mixture of Punk and Folk music. Performing his humorous lyrics with a sometimes screaming voice, he was able to motivate the whole audience into clapping along to his song. The judges were taken positively by Henrys gig and assured him that his unique style introduced them to a new world. The artist himself described his live performance in one word: “Punk”.

Henry Sung

Machiel Scholten played next. The 22 year old student of philosophy performed with the help of a harmonica and an acoustic guitar had a bit of a hard time after the energetic performance of Henry. Nevertheless, the jury acknowledged the potential of his songs, suggesting that he should work on his live skills. For Machiel, the gig was “exciting”, nonetheless.

Last but not least, Druhv Bahn‘s time to sing had come. He did so with the help of music played through the speakers, performing several cover songs. The sympathetic Indian with the big grin, who thought of his singing as “soulful” got reminded by one of the judges to perform for the audience not for himself. This was not in disrespect to his singing abilities, which were acknowledged by everyone in the audience.

The jury disappeared from the main room, only to return ten minutes later. In their absence they had decided upon the winners:

3rd place: Rebekka Keus

2nd place: Willem van der Deijl

1st place: Henry Sung

Henry won a deserved first place and was rewarded with the possibility to record a song of his in a professional studio. A possible kick start for his project “I can’t shit because I’m a tree”? The future will tell. ET/Photography: Domantas Mizeikis